Indian-origin doctor in US honoured in front of her house Photo: Twitter

The novel coronavirus outbreak has wreaked havoc all around the world. To stop the further spread of the virus, governments have suggested their citizens to stay at home.

While all of us are staying at home, doctors are on the frontline to fight the virus and are staying away from their families. These superheroes are risking their lives every day to save others. To recognise their sacrifice, people around the world are expressing gratitude in various ways.

One such video of a doctor getting honoured in an extraordinary and heartwarming way is going viral online. Dr Uma Madhusudan, a Mysore-origin doctor, was recently honoured in front of her house with a parade.

The video was shared on Twitter by actor Adil Hussain. He captioned it, “In recognition of her extraordinary service treating coronavirus patients in South Windsor Hospital in the US, Dr Uma Madhusudan, a Mysore-origin doctor honoured this way in front of her house. You can see her receiving salute!”

The clip shows an entourage of people driving their cars and cheering for the doctor along with police cars and fire engines honking and blaring the sirens. The Indian-origin doctor can also be seen standing in her front yard and waving at the parade.

After the clip was shared, it was liked by Twitter users, who also appreciated the efforts of people and the way they honoured the doctor.