»  Filter iservices Classified Ads By Radius

Your users will be able to set maximum radius in which results should be as a convenient search results filter.

» SMS / Voice Phone Verification

Without confirmation users will not be able to advertise and they can choose on their own if they want SMS or Call verification

» Advance Search

iservices filters your result without page reload and with the help of custom fields users are able to refine their search

» Messaging system – Chat / Email

Main communication is done via chat based system but if you enable logged out contact messages will be sent to email

» Category Related Custom Fields

With the help of multiple types of custom fields you can set specific information for each category

» Predefined Locations, Google Maps,

You can use predefined location, google map / map box or both or none at all it is all up to you

» Earn From Ad Submitting

Charge your users for submitted ads via package, subscription, or combining the two. Or let them submit for free

» Earn From Ad Promotions

With multiple promotion options which you can control and create packages for, you can increase your revenue

» Multiple Ad Types Available

Your users will be able to select type of the ad they are submitting for even more information and categorization

» Smart & Protective Reviews

With Adifier everything is on next level. Reviews are activated only if the seller reposnds to message

iservices plans and features

                                                                                     Coming Soon