Here we follow all developments on the pandemic on an international scale.

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7:00 am – State of playAccording to the latest bulletin from the Directorate-General for Health, known on Sunday, 34 more people died with Covid-19 in Portugal. There are 504 fatal cases of infection.Of the total fatalities of the new coronavirus, nine were registered in the national network of integrated continuous care.

The lethality rate went up and reached three percent for the first time.

Of the 34 most recent fatalities, 25 were over 80 years old. In the age group above 70 years, the lethality rate of the disease is 10.9 percent.

The total number of people infected is 16,585. On Sunday, during the press conference on the progression of the pandemic in Portuguese territory, the Minister of Health, Marta Temido, said that a standard for the widespread use of masks was being finalized. And there is a new appeal for this to happen on the part of the Independent Medical Association.

A Catholic University survey for RTP and the newspaper Public revealed that 87 percent of respondents believe that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is very dangerous for everyone.Arrests for disobedience

In Portugal, 117 people have already been arrested for disobedience – a figure reached until 17:00 on Sunday.Twenty-eight did not respect the containment obligation and are cases of people infected with coronavirus or suspected of having the disease.

Four were arrested for having left the municipality where they live without reason, another 11 for having open establishments, six for resistance and 13 for violation of the Ovar sanitary fence.

These are just a few examples.Inmates released

In the meantime, 485 prisoners have been released across the country. The number was confirmed to RTP by a source from the Directorate-General for Prison Services.

The release warrants began yesterday to reach the jails. Those who have already been released were serving sentences of up to two years or the last two years in prison.

The process continues this Monday.International framework

The British Prime Minister has already left the London hospital that treated him. Boris Johnson was hospitalized for a week with Covid-19 and, at the end, thanked the UK public health service, in particular a Portuguese nurse who accompanied him for 48 hours in intensive care.

The President of the Republic has already thanked the nurse Luís Pitarma.

In a message published on the Presidency portal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa mentions the special recognition presented by Boris Johnson to the nurse from Porto.

The Head of State also thanked the efforts of all Portuguese health professionals who, in Portugal and around the world, are helping to combat the pandemic.

The President also left a word of encouragement to professionals of other nationalities who, reinforcing the National Health Service, provide service in Portugal.

In Italy, mortality fell again. Within 24 hours, about 430 people died. It is the lowest number for three weeks

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte extended the isolation until 3 May. Some stores will reopen. But schools will remain closed.

In Lombardy, isolation will continue until early May. It is the Italian region most affected by the pandemic and officials fear it is too early to lift restrictions.

Italy reports a total of about 20,000 deaths.

The United States, on the other hand, became the country with the highest death toll from the pandemic by overtaking Italy on Sunday.

Contagion in Spain has slowed down again. For the first time, the contagion rate was below three percent.

The Covid-19 pandemic has already claimed more than 112,000 deaths and infected more than 1.8 million people in 193 countries and territories.

After appearing in Wuhan, China, in December, the new coronavirus spread throughout the world.