Corona-virus Advisory

What iservices allows on its platform:

  • We allow listings for selling brand new masks & sanitizes as precaution having fair price.

What iservices doesn’t allow on its platform:

  • We don’t allow and reject the listings of masks/sanitizes at an unreasonably high price.
  • Listings for selling cure or immunity boosters against Corona virus – are not allowed.
  • We also not allow insurance policies against novel Corona virus.

Advisory for iservices Users: Things to keep in mind while buying:

  • Do not buy Used Masks

It can be potentially infected

  • Do not buy Any Medicines claiming to be a cure

As of now, there is no specific treatment for this disease, so healthcare providers treat the clinical symptoms (e.g. fever, difficulty breathing) of patients. Beware of such Ayurveda or herbal medicines claiming to be a cure for this disease.

  • Avoid hand-shakes and keep distance while completing a deal/transaction.

If you are feeling unwell or realizing any such symptoms, please consult a proper healthcare practitioner. We urge all our users to exercise caution and stay safe. 


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