weight : 1353 g


About the product

This gorgeous teapot is a sustainable version of the traditional “tetsubin” Tetsubin is a cast iron teapot which the Japanese used to boil water or brew their tea. What makes this teapot so unique is that it significantly changes the taste of water. The iron ensures that the heat is distributed evenly for better taste and makes it really healthy for the body! The Origin Every piece in this collection is made by Sonadhar, a master craftsman and one of the only four people in the whole world who practices this art for a living. Made predominantly from recycled scrap iron, each piece is made by hand hammering only. Hand hammering is an extremely difficult process but the end product is worth it because it looks like nothing else can! Because of the sheer effort involved, the number of people who want to learn it is negligible, making the art form rare and on the verge of extinction, But Sonadhar is determined to promote his art no matter what. All these years of doing work without any help or support had weakened Sonadhar’s right arm but he is still as enthusiastic about it! We are with Sonadhar before the art form. We want to do anything in our power to promote the uniqueness and beauty and perseverance that goes behind creating these products.

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