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100% natural ingredients. Available in 3 delicious flavours: tomato, cheese and masala. Savory snacks with 12-15g protein/100 gm, 10 gm fiber. Made of whole green peas and whole wheat. No trans-fats, no sugars, no artificial preservatives. 65% less fat than most other snacks.The low glycemic index of 46. Ideal for diabetics and fitness freaks.

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Expiry(Shelf Life)6 months from the of Manufacture.Once OpenedThere are three 33gm pouches inside each 100 gm box. One pack can satisfy your hunger. The other two remained sealed and can be consumed up to 6 months.Allergy Warning(If Any)Soya, Gluten.BenefitsIdeal for diabetics, fitness freaks and kids at risk of obesity. because it has a high protein and fibre content, it will satisfy hunger for a prolonged duration. In contrast, potato or corn based snacks cause a ‘sugar rush’ when consumed, and make you feel hungry soon after.Suitable For(Age Group)All ages except infants.Package content UnitPack of 2 (100gm x 2)OriginIndiaMedical ConditionNot suitable for soya and Gluten allergies.


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