.weight : 180 g

Sugar-Free,Gluten-Free, Organic, Low Carb, Diabetes, Vegan, Ultra Low GI & Keto Friendly.


About the product

Satvyk Desi Cow Ghee is prepared using an age-old Vedic method, also know as Bilona. It is made by warming the makkhan obtained from churning A WHOLE MILK YOGHURT (entire milk is converted to curd & not just the cream) of desi cows. It takes 25 litres of pure fresh milk to make 1 litre of Ghee. This is the best form of Desi Cow Ghee made as per the process mentioned in the ayurvedic book Charak Sanhita. The Ghee is made from converting the milk completely to curd and then churning it at appropriate time intervals. It has a fantastic medicinal value and is always in great demand. Organic Natural Grass-fed Desi Cows Ghee Gir Cow’s Bilona Ghee Vedic Process used for extraction of ghee