weight : 250 g

About the product

Bulgano Hot Chocolate range is our most indulgent range of chocolate drinks created by Bulgano Master Chocolatiers. Find rich and creamy cocoa solids accompanied with multiple textures and flavours enrobed in the finest range Bulgano chocolate drinks Bulgano Hot chocolate, with cocoa solids and butters has a rich and complex character. The initial taste profile is rich and creamy with a well-balanced level of cocoa bitterness. This then develops into a softer nutty taste with hints of natural flavour. The sweet and bitter flavour profile complement each other and ensures a unique and superior taste experience. Every chocolate lover will appreciate the harmonious and lingering character of this delicacy. The cocoa solids have an intense and strong aroma, is full-bodied and has long lasting intense flavour that bursts open in every sip. Bulgano offers many unique flavours to suit your mood, time and occasion. The rich creamy cocoa varieties evokes the aroma of citrus and nutty. It is a smooth and creamy  chocolate drink that is neither too bitter nor overpowering.

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