This is an online event to connect Photographers in Hyderabad with whom you can plan a meetup on your own if you are comfortable once connected.You can connect with Photographers in 3 simple steps:• STEP 1: Login to Xeeders and Join:• Hyderabad Club –• Photography Club –• STEP 2: Update your profile with your location and interests. NOTE: providing accurate information will help Xeeders AI algorithm in connecting you to right people.• STEP 3: Post a text stating with whom you want to get connected in which city and for what in Xeeders app eg.,• “Looking for a buddy in Hyderabad for Photography Shoot”That’s it Xeeders AI algorithm will connect you to right people in Hyderabad based on your interests and request with whom you can instantly chat and plan to meet if you are comfortable.Video: app – App –,Hyderabad Friends Club