** Registration required on Leanpitch portal :**💡Agenda:When a business is started from scratch, a lot of decisions revolve around impulse, gut instinct, market data and other patterns from the industry. From the experience of building, a cricket content business, Kartik will talk us through his 18 month journey on where they have used data and where they have used intuition. He will also talk about where they failed and where they succeeded in building user experiences for an audience that may not have existed couple of years back.✨ Facilitator: Kartik Kannan, Principal Product Manager @ (🔗 Register for FREE here:📱Resources available on Leanpitch App : iOS – and PlayStore –* PM Speaks Series: Interview of Product Managers* Webinar Recordings: of all previous webinars* Videos: Small PM snippets* Blogs: Product Management Blogs📟 Product Thinking Whatsapp Group:⛳ Upcoming PM Courses from our sponsors:* Online 2-days Certified Scrum Product Owner (April 4th – 5th, April 7th – 9th):❓ Frequently asked questions:1. Is the Webinar paid?No, it’s free and sponsored by Leanpitch( Where can I see the webinar recording?The webinar recordings will be available on Leanpitch App. Download app here: iOS – | Android –