Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Scope is great in aviation sector. As we all know that India is one of the fastest growing aviation market across the globe. India ranks third after us and china in aviation market. At present, Indian passenger prefers air travel rather then bus or train.Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is one of the best course in terms of salary and luxury life. The safety of an aircraft and its passenger is the prime responsibility of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. AME License is internationally valid. So, a License Holder Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) have good career opportunities in Government sector and also in Private sector in India as well as in abroad. And you know aircraft maintenance engineering salary in USA is huge. Some of the employment areas for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering are:-AirlinesMRO IndustriesAircraft Manufacturing CompaniesAircraft Part Manufacturing CompaniesAircraft Operation organizationsAnd any place where an aircraft is used in civil.IIAE is the only institute that provides excellent training as well as hundred percent placement assistance.


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