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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Premium Account and what kind of advantages does it offer?

Besides the basic account we also offer the iservices Premium Account. As a Premium member you will receive many exclusive advantages compared to the basic account, such as:

The option to delete one negative review per month and to respond to reviews. You can thank users for positive feedback and reply to criticism. Moreover, you can see the profiles of your followers and determine which users are best suited for your offers. This allows you to advertise to your target group even more effectively.

iservices Premium allows you to see the online status of other users so you can specifically target advertisers who are online right now. You can also verify your account to increase the trust of potential customers in your profile and browse iservices without any third-party ads.

Is a Premium Account right for me?

Yes! A Premium Account offers great value to every iservices user.

If you want to advertise on iservices, then your ads and your profile will be highlighted with the Premium Label. This boosts your visibility and increases the trust of other users in your profile. As a Premium user your listings will be displayed without any third-party ads, so that other users can concentrate entirely on your offers. Moreover, you can increase the trust in your profile by verifying your telephone number or by reacting to user reviews. You can thank them for positive comments or answer negative feedback and
even delete one negative review per month. You can learn more about your potential customers from looking at the profiles of your followers.

If you use iservices only to browse for goods and services, then a Premium Account also offers great value as third-party ads on our website are hidden from view. You can browse faster and without interruptions on iservices. Premium members immediately receive email and push notifications for saved searches, categories or users they follow. This provides an advantage as advertisers can be contacted immediately while basic account users only receive an update over new ads once per day. In addition, Premium members can see if other users are online right now, facilitating faster communication. With a Premium Account other users will place greater trust in you when they see the Premium Label in your profile or if you verify your account via telephone.

A Premium Account always offers you great advantages – no matter what kind of iservices user you are.

What is the difference between a Premium Account and a Premium Ad?

A Premium Account offers you a great range of advantages. For instance, you can respond to comments or see the online status of other users.

However, a Premium Account DOES NOT automatically turn all of your ads into Premium Ads.

A Premium Ad stands out from other ads because it is marked with PREMIUM and is highlighted in purple. When you book a Premium Ad, all third-party ads and links to similar ads will also be removed.

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